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You need a professional attitude to selling. If meeting your customers’ expectations is the door to success, then understanding those expectations is the key you need to open it. Customers’ expectations go a long way beyond specifications and product quality. They encompass both before and after sales service and include every step you take in securing and fulfilling the order. Your sales staff, accounting department, service personnel, brochures, advertisements, plus a whole load of intangibles make an impression in the mind of the customer. When the competition is hot, other things being equal, the winner is going to be the company, -or individual, with whom the customer feels most comfortable.

There are three phases to a successful communications program, each with a well defined result and delivered value:

1. The Platform Understanding your business, product, customers and strategy. Together we develop a platform from which to launch future ideas. The platform is a structured document describing your company philosophy, vision, competitive strengths and weaknesses together with product and market segmentation information. The platform is a useful document with readymade statements for press releases, informative handouts and new employee orientation. It ensures that everyone in your organization has the same outlook and can communicate the company values in a consistent and concise way.
2. The Plan Determine the program objectives, target market, strategy and budget. The platform provides a snapshot of where you are today, this step takes us further to where you want to be. The key is positioning, how your customers will see your product or service in response to their need. A good plan defines where you want to go, how to get there, how to monitor results and how much it will cost.
3. The Material Depending on the media (print, audiovisual, Internet, etc.,) we develop the message and materials. We can include training for your staff and sales channels. The message creates an identity for your company and products providing differentiation from the competition. The materials need the right terminology and feel to encourage your customers to buy.

If this approach sounds right to you, give me a call 040 543 4737.

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